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High precision Nd:Yag welding system; easyness of use, reduced maintenance and long lasting duration of the lamp are some of the characteristics of this machine combined with a soft and attractive design.

- Absolute guarantee of stability laser beam
- Easy of maintenance (without opening the box)
  through a rear door access to the easy
  replacement of water filter and deionizing filter.
  Controlling the level of water and any addition
  is always done throug the rear door.
- Colour touch-screen display.
- 250 storage places for parameters.
- Supplier of gas protection.
- Regulator of the cooling air.
- Deionizing filter supplied as standard.
Technical Specifications
Laser source type
Max pulse energy
Avarage power
Pulse duration
0.3-20 ms
Peak power
9 kW
Spot diameter
0.2~2.0 mm 
 567x730x510 mm