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SL 150/300
Automatic welding laser completes with colour touch screen display, power supply unit with integrated air cooling (without external chiller), new interface card for integrators, improved diagnostics, data in/out through USB memory stick. It can be used as an autonomous welding machine complete with optical fiber and focuser in the goldsmith sector, with the advantage of not having a dedicated chiller, or as and OEM laser on a welding arm or in any other type of integration. The screen can be fitted either directly on the laser or on the welding arm.

Pulse Shaping
During complex welding applications, the laser pulse shape can be adapted through our Pulse Shaping feature.
This allows the pulse shape to be optimized for material processing.
This is achieved by modulating the pulse intensity over time


Laser System Pulsed with lamp - Nd: YAG Pulsed with lamp - Nd: YAG
Max. average power [W] 150 300
Max peak power [kW] 10.5 12
Max. pulse power [J] 70 100
Pulse duration [ms] 0.3 ÷ 25 0.2 ÷ 25
Frequency [Hz] 0 ÷ 100 0 ÷ 200
Cooling Integrated Integrated

Possible to connect external

cooling system
Laser source power supply 400 V 3ph 400 V 3ph
Max. laser source absorbed power [kW] 3.3 6