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UV Laser Marking Machine
Product Description:

Ultraviolet laser marking machine , researched and developed by our own company , is deep ultraviolet laser marking machine with advanced technology in the world. The Max output power is 1.5w, high efficiency of photovoltaic conversion, long life span of nonlinear crystal.

 Technical Specification

 Machine model  XTL-F1/3/5
 Machine type  Ultraviolet laser
 Laser wavelength  355 nm
 Output power  3W/5W/10W
 Pulse length  <20ns@50Khz
 Marking area  50X50,100X100(mm)
 Frequency tuning Q  8KHz-15KHz
 Min line width  0.01mm
 Min character  0.2mm
 Accuracy of repetition  ±0.003mm
 Machine power  1000~1800w
 Electrical power requirement  220V/Single phase/50Hz/10A
 Cooling mode  Water cooling